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Each year, close to 250 young people die from head trauma injuries suffered in bicycling accidents. A simple preventive measure is the bicycle helmet, which is effective in preventing head trauma. Per the Department of Health for NYS, each year in New York, over 800 kids are treated at a hospital because of a bicycle-related injury; 23 of them are injured severely enough to require hospitalization. Safety in the immediate proximity of the NYC public schools is under policed. There are over 1 million students in the New York City public school system, and over 2,000 schools, but there are only 140 school locations with speed safety cameras (which are switched off most of the time), because the safety school zone is limited under state law.

Our answer to the lack of safety and deficiency in helmet ownership for the youth is our bike helmet drive. Our goal is to raise money for the purchase of helmets, which we will then donate to the local public schools on Staten Island. The second benefit to our helmet drive will be to raise awareness of the benefit of wearing helmets and the prevention of head injuries. We hope that you will build with us! We are asking for a $10 donation for our We Ride At Night Helmet Drive. We incredibly appreciate your contribution. Peace.